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kfreebsd (kernel) version for stretch


FreeBSD's release schedule is:
	10.3	2016-03-22
	11.0	2016-07-27

whereas the timeline for Debian stretch is:
	2016-09-05: Transition freeze
	2016-11-05: "Softfreeze"
	2016-12-05: The freeze 

That means kfreebsd-11 should be released in time, however, the usual
pattern is that only odd-numbered minor versions have extended security
support.  My guess is that these kernels could become EOL by:
	10.3	2018-04
	10-STABLE >= 2018-04?
	11.0	2017-08

whereas Debian stretch should try to have security support until about
2020-04.  We would need to backport fixes to these kernels from the
corresponding STABLE branch after it is EOL;  that has been easy in the

It looks better to release 10.3 with stretch if its upstream security
support will be longer.  kfreebsd-11 will anyway be packaged in
experimental.  11.1 can go into sid/buster whenever it is released.
10.3 should also be less work, as that would be a much smaller
transition in userland.

Please let me know if 10.3 seems reasonable for stretch, or if there's
some really compelling reason to release with 11.0.

Steven Chamberlain

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