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Re: anna_1.52+kbsd8u1_source.changes REJECTED

Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> (2015-11-07):
> Please could I have dm upload permissions to patch packages
> anna, netcfg and net-retriever in the jessie-kfreebsd suite?

Sure, let's see if that did the trick:
| kibi@arya:~$ dcut -k C2B35520 dm --uid 0x69F30763DFEFC134 --allow="anna netcfg net-retriever"
| Uploading commands file to ftp.upload.debian.org (incoming: /pub/UploadQueue/)
| Picking DM Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> with fingerprint DF4717BA98C27F299BA7183369F30763DFEFC134
| You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
| user: "Cyril Brulebois <kibi@mraw.org>"
| 4096-bit RSA key, ID 0xFF914AF0C2B35520, created 2009-07-12
| Uploading kibi-1446978825.dak-commands to ftp-master

Feel free to follow up in private if that didn't work out as intended,
or to sort out possible side effects; I don't do the dm dance on a
regular basis…


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