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Re: kfreebsd-10_10.2-1_kfreebsd-amd64.changes is NEW


Christoph Egger wrote:
> 10.2 also reduces power consumption on my
> notebook by something like 30% in idle.

How do you measure that?

>   I'd stack update to 10.2 in experimental as I find time and put it to
>   unstable once everythings there and tested unless someone tells me
>   it's a bad idea.

Yes I think we should prepare a 10.2 (and soon 10.3) userland, but would
keep it in experimental until after:
  * kfreebsd-kernel-headers multiarch work, being staged in experimental
  * glibc 2.21, since it blocks the above
  * jessie-kfreebsd release

Steven Chamberlain

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