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Re: openjdk-8 ftbfs again on kfreebsd

On 21.10.2015 23:23, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
Control: tags -1 + patch


Matthias Klose wrote:
fatal error: jni_md.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

the header is now included in include/bsd instead of include/linux.
Was this an intended change? Please either fix it, or revert it.

That was not intentional, but something changed upstream that we need
to patch.

The attached patch hunk appended to kfreebsd-support-jdk.diff will fix
this.  I've tested that the resulting openjdk-8 can be used as a build
dependency to successfully build itself again.

thanks, for the current security update I just copied the bsd directory to linux. will apply this later.

8u65-b17 and 8u72-b04 required more changes. Now I see that the kfreebsd-jdk-support patch is not in a shape to be applied for other builds as well. In same places it just replaces linux with bsd, and doesn't extend it, e.g. Awt2dLibraries.gmk.

So pretty please take the time to move these patches to openjdk-9, sign the OCA, and submit these upstream.


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