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What pattern to use with autotools $target to recognize FreeBSD kernel ?


the buildd run for newly uploaded libburn failed obviously
because my upstream ./configure did not recognize the need
for linking with libcam.

Main suspect is this probably clueless change

-  case $target_os in 
+  case $target in
if it is not due the upgrade of the buildd machine from
GNU/kFreeBSD 9.0 to GNU/kFreeBSD 10.1 between the last
successful buildd run and today's failed one.


So what pattern to use for recognizing Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
kernel by autotools variable $target ?


I dimly remember there was a web page about recognizing
kFreeBSD. But somehow i cannot find it.
might be it, but the "triplet" pattern is what fails and
the "uname" pattern for Linux does not like
which works fine for libburn-1.4.0 on buildd.

Have a nice day :)


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