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Re: Bug#764692: glibc removed __FAVOR_BSD from features.h

block 765468 by 764692
tags 764692 + patch


To recap, glibc-2.19 no longer implements __FAVOR_BSD.  Users of
netinet/tcp.h may have defined that to request a BSD version of
the tcphdr struct.

To fix this, we simply need to merge a change from gnu/netinet/tcp.h
into our unix/bsd/bsd4.4/kfreebsd/netinet/tcp.h :

    * sysdeps/gnu/netinet/tcp.h (struct tcphdr): Use anonymous unions
    instead of making contents conditional on [__FAVOR_BSD].

I've committed this to glibc-ports SVN as r5772.  Please update it in
the glibc package sometime.

It fixes some outstanding FTBFS (regression from older glibc, where
FAVOR_BSD was supported before):

  * ndisc6 (#778418)
  * dns-flood-detector (#765468)
  * tcpstat
  * rtpproxy

And this change allows some new packages to build on kfreebsd:

  * pchar
  * pads
  * ssldump
  * fprobe

Steven Chamberlain

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