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Re: debootstrap needs fix?

Christoph Egger wrote:
> Perfect :-) I was dealing with wheezy's debootstrap (buildds) and
> manually supplied the script in the end. As it's fixed in
> jessie-kfreebsd-p-u I guess everything's fine

We should try to fix it sometime in wheezy via oldstable p-u.  But it
can wait until after jessie-kfreebsd release.

I did lots of jessie-kfreebsd install testing on real hardware this
week (because that's something I can't do while at DC15).  I think I
can fix the remaining issues during DebCamp and, just maybe, the
release could happen in time for the kfreebsd talk on the opening
Saturday of DebConf?

I'm looking into a possible regression on Xen right now.  Then I need
to fix a partman-zfs bug, and then I should be ready to upload
debian-installer.  That should produce release candidate mini.iso
and netboot.tar.gz images, so that other people can test.  We can look
into building full CD/DVD release images after that.

I noticed matewm (window manager of MATE) is broken so will look into
that.  partman had some issues during testing, but some are not
kfreebsd-specific;  we could try to document best practices and
remaining known issues in the release notes.

Steven Chamberlain

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