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Re: Bug#783516: RM: llvm-toolchain-3.4 -- ROM; 3.5 and 3.6 are available

# clang-3.4 removal waits for llvm-py
block 783516 by 784249
# possibly need to fix the iwyu FTBFS on kfreebsd
block 783516 by 794563


kfreebsd-10 and kfreebsd-11 should no longer be blocking this as
they are now built with either clang-3.5 or clang-3.6.

iwyu may be still blocking this because after its Build-Depends were
changed to clang-3.5, it FTBFS on kfreebsd, so the old version is
still in sid.  Following up in #794563.

dragonegg similarly FTBFS on [armel armhf] and the old version
had Build-Depends on clang-3.4.  Perhaps it could be removed from
those arches for now.

python-shogun similarly FTBFS on [powerpc] and the old version
had Build-Depends on clang-3-5.

ghc depends on llvm-3.4 only on [arm64 armel armhf] but I'm not
sure why.

I think that's all.

Steven Chamberlain

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