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Re: Bug#768188: Jessie Installer hangs after processing DHCPv6 stateful addressing


Thanks for the notice,

Cyril Brulebois, le Wed 18 Feb 2015 22:29:23 +0100, a écrit :
> Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org> (2015-02-18):
> > So now I guess the question is if we revert the change that broke it:
> > 
> >   Don't kill_dhcp_client without reason (Closes: #757711, #757988)
> >        
> >   Do not kill_dhcp_client after setting the hostname and
> >   domain, otherwise Linux udhcpc will stop renewing its lease, and
> >   on other platforms dhclient will de-configure the network interface
> >   (Closes: #757711, #757988)
> (No idea about hurd; anyway, adding both porter lists to Cc.)

dhclient gets killed indeed, but for some reason the interface is not
deconfigured, so it's fine for the hurd port.  We already have to ship
our own version of netcfg already anyway because of #769189 which
introduces a 1-minute sleep.


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