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Re: Bug#768188: Jessie Installer hangs after processing DHCPv6 stateful addressing

On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 10:05:27PM +0000, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> We did expect that during freeze, some regressions may be introduced
> that affect only GNU/kFreeBSD, and we'd have to fix things up in our
> unofficial release, perhaps rolling packages back to an older version,
> or uploading a patched version with +kfreebsd suffix.  So, I'm happy if
> you decide to revert this.
> At first glance, it reads like a limitation of udhcpc/dhcp6c only?
> Killing it sounds like a workaround (which perhaps creates other
> issues), and an ifdef linux also seems wrong in this context (and for
> Ubuntu).
> kill-all-dhcp could be told never to kill ISC dhclient, but that too is
> wrong, as this is also used to implement the 'Cancel' button in the
> netcfg dialogs.
> Maybe there is still a better solution?
> Or perhaps we could add something that kills *only* udhcpc/dhcp6c, could
> clearly annotate it as "this is a workaround for bug #768188".  Then it
> shouldn't affect Ubuntu, or derivatives/ports using ISC DHCP at all.
> And if many years pass before someone comes back to look at this, they
> should understand why it's there.

Not killing the DHCP clients is the right thing to do. Leases really
should be refreshed during d-i, everything else is madness. But that's
not even what's happening with dhclient because it's being run in
one-shot mode (-1) and will exit after it acquired a lease successfully.

The revert I supposed would've been for jessie as the DHCPv6 hang is
quite a nasty regression on Linux. But for the future we should really
a) use one client on all the platforms and b) let it renew the lease

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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