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Re: Last hints for d-i, upload tomorrow


On 06/01/15 00:04, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Ivo De Decker <ivodd@debian.org> (2015-01-06):
>> First of all: would you be ok with an unblock-udeb for kfreebsd-10?
> Provided Steven/BSD people are fine with it (possibly with urgenting),
> I'm very OK with having it in testing before d-i gets uploaded. I almost
> asked but decided to try and skip some more back and forth. Let's do that
> now anyway, then. :)

Yes I'm fine with this, thanks.

(There's a reason I didn't ask for unblocks sooner but that's a long
story and unrelated to d-i).

Steven Chamberlain

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