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Re: Hints for d-i

Hi Kibi,

I added most of those.

On Mon, Dec 08, 2014 at 10:46:35AM +0100, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> unblock base-installer/1.152
> unblock-udeb base-installer/1.152


> unblock debootstrap/1.0.66
> unblock-udeb debootstrap/1.0.66


> # TODO: Check with Colin
> unblock iprutils/2.4.5-1
> unblock-udeb iprutils/2.4.5-1

Not added, based on the TODO.

> # TODO: Check with debian-bsd@
> unblock kfreebsd-10/10.1~svn273874-1
> unblock-udeb kfreebsd-10/10.1~svn273874-1

Added, based on https://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2014/12/msg00003.html

> unblock netcfg/1.125
> unblock-udeb netcfg/1.125

I added these hints for 1.126, as this adds another translation (I guess
that's fine, but if it isn't, let me know).

> # TODO: pango1.0 isn't unblocked but:
> unblock-udeb pango1.0/1.36.8-3

Added and unblocked.

> # TODO: KiBi uploaded that one:
> unblock partman-base/180
> unblock-udeb partman-base/180

There must be something different in the way bubulle and you generate the
source package from the git repo, because the previous upload contains
debian/*.dirs files, and the new one doesn't. I compared the contents of the
resulting udebs, and it seems fine, so I added these as well.

> unblock partman-basicfilesystems/107
> unblock-udeb partman-basicfilesystems/107

Added hints for 108 (see above).

> unblock partman-btrfs/17
> unblock-udeb partman-btrfs/17


> unblock partman-ext3/84
> unblock-udeb partman-ext3/84


> unblock partman-iscsi/30
> unblock-udeb partman-iscsi/30

Added hints for 31 (see above).

> unblock partman-jfs/44
> unblock-udeb partman-jfs/44


> unblock partman-lvm/100
> unblock-udeb partman-lvm/100

I didn't add this one, as 101 was uploaded, which contains the undocumented
removal of post-base-installer.d/64partman-lvm

> unblock partman-xfs/54
> unblock-udeb partman-xfs/54


> unblock tzsetup/1:0.61
> unblock-udeb tzsetup/1:0.61

Added hints for 1:0.62 (see above).

> -->8-->8-->8-->8--
> You may want to add that to a hints file of yours, or I'll do so when I
> have more time, possibly reviewing recent updates of packages uploaded
> in the meanwhile.



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