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Re: Plan B for kfreebsd

On 2014-11-10 7:05, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
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Hi Steven,

On 10/11/2014 10:15 AM, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
We discussed kfreebsd at length, but are not satisfied that a
release with Jessie will be of sufficient quality. We are dropping
it as an official release architecture,

Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support of kFreeBSD.
So sad that Debian is no longer going to be the universal Linux and that
kFreeBSD is to suffer the consequences of the ... at best,
controversial, systemd decision by the TC ...  :(

This really shouldn't need stating, but as people appear to be unable to separate issues and insist on dragging everything down to the same level - the Release Team decision on kFreeBSD was based on our opinion of the current status and supportability of that architecture, not a belief that Linux is somehow superior, nor any opinion on the merits of particular init systems, nor the phase of the moon.

I'd appreciate an apology for having our motives impugned and this unfortunate situation used as yet another stick in an unrelated "dispute", but I won't be holding my breath.



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