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Re: Final kfreebsd-10 upload before freeze?

On 31/10/14 15:09, Christoph Egger wrote:

Christoph Egger <christoph@christoph-egger.org> writes:
Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu@debian.org> writes:
On 31/10/14 12:43, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
kfreebsd-10 migrated last night;  is there a chance another upload of
the kernel could go into sid and be aged in before the freeze starts?

That would be bug fixes only, right? I'd be fine with an unblock of
that in principle. What's the diffstat like?

Not too bad (I actually expected worse). RC4..final should be similar I

Looking at freebsd-{libs,utils} (1 file changed, 6 insertions / no
changes) as well; the diffs look like stuff trivially qualifies for
freezeexceptions -- pretty small and well documented changes. So I guess
we can just go upload as it fits and fill unblock requests when things
are aged enough.

Uploading kfreebsd-10 10.1-RC4 in a minute and I guess see for -final
for the three of them.

Sounds good.


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