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Re: heads up: work needed on upower?

On 22/05/14 11:38, Andreas Henriksson wrote:
>Support for non-Linux OSes
>The new policy decision for low batteries is not implemented on the
>non-Linux systems that have backends in UPower, namely FreeBSD and
>OpenBSD. As legacy code in UPower used to do this for those systems, it
>should be fairly straight forward to copy/paste from UPower 0.9 to bring
>back hibernation in those systems. PowerOff might be a little bit more

This was quite a while ago and I don't know how things looks today
on the bsd front here... Possibly this is still an opportunity for
some more work.

Hi Andreas,

In general, if upstream wants to make a component Linux-specific, it is very hard
for us to fight it. As porters we can assist on fixing portability problems, but
swimming against the upstream flow is an entirely different matter. We've just got
rid of GDM3 (and with it, GNOME user interface) for this very reason.

That said, if as UPower maintainer you're so inclined, it might be possible to sustain
non-Linux support by putting each new UPower release on hold until development of
kernel-specific extensions is complete for that release.

However I admit this might break the schedule for UPower releases and thus not be a
feasible solution from the perspective of UPower maintenance.

Robert Millan

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