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At a customer, I'm currently evaluating options for a new fileserver. Since 
this needs to be a fast fast fast fileserver, one of the options I'm 
evaluating is running kFreeBSD on ZFS. As such, I installed kFreeBSD on some 
old hardware (the new server hasn't arrived yet), and started doing some 

Unfortunately, I get stuck pretty early on:

root@samba:~# zfs set sharenfs=on samba/root/home/wouter
warning: mountd isn't supported in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD yet

What exactly does this mean?

a) it's impossible to get NFS on kFreeBSD to work and I should look for 
something else,
b) it's possible to get NFS to work but I might have to patch some scripts 
here and there, 
c) it requires someone to patch the NFS infrastructure for FreeBSD, or 
d) something else?


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