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Re: Bug#732937: dpkg: fails somewhat regularly on kfreebsd-amd64

fredag den  9 maj 2014 klockan 14:16 skrev Stefano Rivera detta:
> This appears fixed with 1.0.3. I was getting it on almost every package
> installation, and now, with apt 1.0.3, I could complete a 300 odd
> package dist-upgrade without running into the bug.
> dpkg output is a bit mangled, as if it's missing a CR.

No, the problem is that TIOCSCTTY is not automatic on FreeBSD,
like it is with eglibc. The disturbing issue is this:

   Processing triggers for man-db (...) .....
   ioctl(TIOCSCTTY) failed for fd: 18
                                     Setting up ...

I have not been able to figure out which component,
to whom apt-get is delegating actions, would be the
culprit in this matter.

  M E Andersson

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