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Cleanups before leaving the team


I'm planning on removing myself from the glibc-bsd alioth group in
around two weeks.

If someone is interested in the git-svn mirror, please copy the repo
and the clone script somewhere else, as I'll be removing them before
removing myself from the group, otherwise I'll not be able to disable
in the future the git-update script called from the svn hook.

Regarding libbsd, given that I'm upstream for that project, that it's
been mostly me maintaining it in the past, that it's a generic not
kfreebsd-specific package and that most packages in glibc-bsd are
anyway being moved to use freebsd-glue, I'd like to take it with me
and maintain it outside of the team. The same goes for libmd, the
difference being that this one has not been uploaded to Debian yet.
Otherwise the situation might get a bit awkward.

The only other remaining package for which I'm currently listed as
co-maintainer in svn is posixtestsuite, which I've been maintaining
alone for the past several years. I don't have a particular attachment
to it, and if someone else wants to continue maintaining it through the
team, I'll remove myself from the Uploaders, but if no one is going to
step in, I'd be fine with maintaining it outside the team too, either
way I don't really care much.


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