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Re: RM: kfreebsd-headers-9.2-1-486 [i386] -- ANAIS; obsolete package

Steven Chamberlain:
> Hi,
> Do we also need the removal of kfreebsd-headers-9-686 metapackage from i386?
> Also the -686-smp transitional packages are still Architecture: any-i386

Yes, here's (I think) the full list:

kfreebsd-headers-9-686-smp [i386]
kfreebsd-headers-9-686 [i386]
kfreebsd-headers-9-amd64 [i386]
kfreebsd-headers-9-malta [i386]
kfreebsd-headers-9.2-1-malta [i386]

I've been meaning to file new bugs, but I'm too busy with uploading 9.2
etc atm. Feel free to ;-)

Robert Millan

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