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Bug#722246: libc6: Please consider lowering minimal linux kernel version

Package: libc6
Version: 2.17-92
Severity: wishlist

Dear Maintainer,
kfreebsd-i386 & kfreebsd-amd64 have linux emulatrion layer that can
emulate 2.6.16 linux API level. Which is also the minimum kernel version
that glibc2.17 & 2.18 require. At configure time though, the minimal
kernel version is set at 2.6.32.

Would you mind lowering it back to 2.6.16?

The benefits it will bring, is executing i386/amd64 binaries without
need to recompile glibc, by simply enabling i386/amd64 repositories and
installing foreign arch packages.

I don't know what performance/size/etc penalties are with lowering
minimal kernel version.

Alternatively, would you consider having a separate binary glibc package on
i386/amd64 with minimal version set back to 2.6.16?



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