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Re: Python mknod(... stat.S_IFSOCK) failure

Rob Browning:
> I'm trying to track down a problem with bup, and wondering why this
> fails on falla in a sid chroot:
>   $ python -c 'import os, stat; os.mknod("foo", 0600 | stat.S_IFSOCK);'
>   ...
>   OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument
> Just wanted to check to see if this might be a known difference with
> respect to kFreeBSD before I dig deeper, assuming I get time.

Which directory is it creating the socket in? /dev by any chance?

Can you try doing the same using mknod(1)? If it works, can you run both
using ktrace(1) and compare the output of mknod syscall?

Robert Millan

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