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Re: kfreebsd-10 FTBFS with clang

Christoph Egger:
> Christoph Egger <christoph@debian.org> writes:
>> Robert Millan <rmh@debian.org> writes:
>>>> clang (3.2-10) fails to build my kfreebsd-10 while gcc-4.6 builds it
>>>> just fine. Is this a known problem somewhere?
>>> Found. See #721880.
>>> If you need a workaround, you can add -D__FreeBSD_kernel__ to CFLAGS in
>>> debian/patches/003_glibc_dev_aicasm.diff
>> Seems to not be enough. I'll wait and try with the fixed clang in the
>> evening.
> Seems to fail the same way after that patch as it fails with gcc-4.6 so
> I guess it's just HEAD being broken

Now that I see, it's clang-3.3 that I fixed. Not clang-3.2.

I tried these combinations before writing my mail:

- Patched clang-3.3
- Unpatched clang-3.3 with workaround

and they both worked. Please can you check? (fixed clang-3.3 has been

Robert Millan

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