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Bug#721578: debian-installer: LVM + ZFS fails to work


On 02/09/13 02:38, Dan Greene wrote:
> In the installer:
> Did guided partitioning using LVM, with seperate /usr, /home, /tmp, and /var.
> Choose "Configure ZFS", configuring /usr, /hone, and /var to use zfs.

That's not a sensible setup, by the way.  Only a single partition is
needed to form a ZFS 'pool', and then ZFS allocates its own 'logical
volumes' (usr, home, var...) out of that.

So, ZFS more or less replaces LVM functionality.  Maybe there ought to
be a 'Guided partitioning using ZFS' option...

That's not to say it absolutely cannot work.  I'm not sure.  There could
be a valid use case if someone merely wants to try ZFS and dual-boot it,
if their entire disk is already LVM.  What does work well is using LVM
logical volumes as virtual hard disks for a Xen or KVM guest for example.

Steven Chamberlain

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