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Re: kfreebsd-8

Steven Chamberlain:
> Hi,
> On 29/08/13 13:58, Robert Millan wrote:
>> Again, if I don't hear anyone against this, I'll go ahead and:
>> - Upload kfreebsd-10 (with abiname=0) to sid.
>> - Make D-I a kfreebsd-9 / kfreebsd-10 dual boot.
>> - Request removal of kfreebsd-8.
> BTW I'm okay with removal of kfreebsd-8, I was just unsure when that
> should happen.  I'm also unsure if kfreebsd-10 should go into sid yet.
> Whatever you and others think is best.

Okay, so let's just remove kfreebsd-8 for now, and make D-I kfreebsd-9 only?

Robert Millan

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