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Re: Bug report on freebsd-buildutils: mtree crashes with exit status 139

On 26/06/13 18:46, Alexandre Rebert wrote:
> We found a crash in mtree contained in the freebsd-buildutils package.

The 'full report' is a .tar.bz2 full of stuff.  There is a testcase
designed to trigger a crash in mtree if used instead of a real
specification file.  Either through fuzzing or reverse engineering.

mtree is typically run as root, but with a trusted specification file,
in an untrusted directory tree.  So perhaps a real bug but probably not
a security issue.

> We are planning to submit the bug to the Debian bug tracking system in two
> weeks. We wanted to give you a heads-up, so that you some time to assess the
> seriousness of the bug before it is publicly disclosed.

Mailing the public lists (debian-bsd@, debian-kernel@, ...) probably
wasn't intended then...

Steven Chamberlain

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