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Re: Clang


OTOH I notice Petr's changes in kfreebsd-10 which enable use of GCC
4.8. However they haven't been uploaded yet.

Only DD can.

I recall there were major problems in the past that were triggered by
using a specific version of GCC in combination with optimization >=

Petr, are you confident with using GCC 4.8 and reenable optimization?

The set as is in SVN does boot/work
on both real and kvm-based kfreebsd-amd64.

Are there any drawbacks to following upstream into using Clang for
kfreebsd-10? I always thought this would be the least painful path
when the day comes.

What about upload kfreebsd-10/gcc now ?
It would be nice to get more testing with gcc,
it can be handy later for STABLE-9 snapshot.
And switch to clang after that.

I will not work on bringing STABLE-9 snapshot,
I picked up different task, as you can see from SVN commits ;-)


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