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Re: [RFC] Switching glibc-bsd from svn to git

2013/5/27 Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>
Agreed, didn't want to post a summary yet, because I'm not confortable
doing the switch until Robert and Aurelien have posted their opinions,
given their amount of commits.

Not that I'm actively using it now... my last commit was 10 months ago.

But if you want my opinion, I've been using git at work on a daily basis for several months, and I can hardly think of something more obnoxious when it comes to version control.

I'm sure it all makes sense when you get 100% around it. Specifically I'm sure all the pieces fit together for the people who wrote the thing. Maybe some of them will think people like me are idiots because they just look at it from a user POV and don't grok all these low-level concepts, and only have a minimal understanding on how version control is implemented internally.

Anyway, in my experience everyone who tries to use this beast without being a "hardcore expert" (this includes myself, but not exclusively) sooner or later ends up stuck in some kind of unexplainable situation.

This is not related to the "distributed" bit of VCS functionality. In contrast, when you try giving a Bazaar prompt to someone who's already experienced with SVN, they can immediately do equivalent (non-distributed) tasks, and learn the bits related to branching in a matter of minutes.

My advice would be to use git only when you a) are comfortable with it yourself and b) don't care if putting code in git will scare potential contributors away.

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