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your help with rygel on debian gnu/kfreebsd is appreciated

Hello Marc Haber!

Reading debian-devel it seems you have an interest in the
kfreebsd port. Great to hear! I've been searching for any
kfreebsd user that could help answer a few questions about
rygel on kfreebsd.

Recently added tests seems to indicate that there's a
chance it's always been non-functional. No bugs has been filed,
not even after the tests made the build FTBFS.

I'd like to know if any version of rygel has ever worked
on kfreebsd?
Does the current version in unstable work after being
built with tests disabled?
Upstream has invested time in debugging kfreebsd (please
note the lack of "rygel on" here) with great frustration as
a result. If someone with kfreebsd experience could assist
in the debugging that would be greatly appreciated!

If you can't get a gnome environment up and running on
kfreebsd, feel free to contact me about assistance with
running rygel outside your X session.

Andreas Henriksson

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