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Re: Bug#701884: kfreebsd: unknown method 'inet6 auto'

found 701884 ifupdown/0.7.5
found 701884 netcfg/1.106
# /e/n/i generation was broken in netcfg before 1.105
fixed 701884 netcfg/1.105

I think at this stage it would be simplest to add an 'inet6 auto'
implementation to ifupdown on kfreebsd to fix this bug.  It can be
copied from method 'dhcp', minus the dhclient lines.

While here, I would recommend setting sysctl
net.inet6.ip6.accept_rtadv=1 (just like the Linux 'inet6 auto' method
does).  GNU/kFreeBSD kernels have this enabled by default currently, but
we may want to change that.  (It may be the only way we can fix #684072).

Steven Chamberlain

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