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Re: Debian GNU/kNetBSD Sources

So i thought maybe from such a little response, people either don't know or are unwilling to provide for some random who appears to have just joined the mailing list.
Thus, i am going to provide a reason like Andreas above as it seems appropriate and so people understand i am not going to misuse the code.

I am currently after the Debian GNU/kNetBSD source code as i am looking at developing a port of the KMS & GEOS modules (needed for the open-source graphics drivers) to NetBSD.
Although the i am not looking at just a straight port, i am also aiming to make these modules more easily portable between OS's by removing the restrictions of having to also include loads of kernel api's to get these drivers to work through encasing/ partially re-writing them in java or possibly gnat (undecided at this stage).

Thus the long term goal is that these modules will run in JVM or the like with the only need for set kernel api's to run, instead of each OS needing to do massive work for a very small benefit.

I am currently aiming at NetBSD with the hopes that DragonflyBSD and OpenBSD will eventually adopt (or others if they want), and hopefully create a unified structure where an any os's using it will also be contributing back upstream so that it doesn't require a select bunch of people to try and include multiple operating system support over the current scattered every man for himself approach.

At least that is what i am hoping to achieve. Its still in the very early stages as you can probably tell.

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