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Re: Two questions about kfreebsd

On 20/02/13 23:14, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Hi Bret,
> On 20/02/13 02:24, Bret Busby wrote:
>> The first is; am I correct in my deduction that, at present, a stable
>> version of kfreebsd, that runs gnome, has not yet been achieved?
> GNOME is probably a mess in the 'current stable' release (squeeze) but
> likely to be much better for wheezy.  To be honest though, probably very
> few people have tried/used it much, and neither have I.

GNOME isn't a mess in squeeze, at least it wasn't on release.  It was
certainly usable by anyone who should be running a "technology preview".

Last time I looked at the wheezy kfreebsd there was a severe bug(s) in
hal so that X11 wouldn't run by default.  These bugs have been fixed now
but I don't know GNOME's state in kfreebsd.  Feel free to look into it
and update this:

> XFCE is the default GNU/kFreeBSD desktop environment since a while ago,
> and post-wheezy it is planned to become the default on GNU/Linux too.

Have you got a link about XFCE become default on GNU/Linux?

>> [...] I have been as yet, unable to get Debian 6 amd64 Linux running as a
>> stable operating system
> That is odd, I found Debian 6 GNU/Linux to be a very stable desktop OS
> on amd64.  And the Linux 3.2 kernel for wheezy has been mostly okay so
> far (e.g. some 50+ days continuous running currently, but the nouveau
> graphics driver is flaky).
>> and I am thinking that the FreeBSD kernel may
>> work better on the amd64 architecture, but I am unsure about the status
>> of kfreebsd.
> Long-term, I also am looking to switch to GNU/kFreeBSD as my desktop OS
> for this reason.

As far as I've experienced, the kernel Linux is very stable on amd64
such that I don't think that this is a reason to run the FreeBSD kernel.
 There are other reasons that could be argued for running it such as the
differing development models, licences, security, pf compared to
iptables, ZFS (compared to btrfs?) and more.  For myself, I choose the
Linux kernel but still think there is value in the Debian/kFreeBSD and
Debian/Hurd projects.

Bret, perhaps the stability issues you are having is a hardware fault
and not the kernel?

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