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Re: Two questions about kfreebsd

On 21/02/13 05:55, Bret Busby wrote:
> [...] I converted to Debian at Debian 3,
> and I think that it was then that I started using GNOME, which I have
> used since converting to  Debian Linux, as GNOME has (from memory)
> been the default window manager for Debian Linux.

Are you aware of the GNOME 3 controversy?  It changed beyond
recognition, not only visually, but many of the subsystems that power
it.  XFCE perhaps resembles more closely what you thought of as GNOME,
as it is still based on GTK+ 2.

There are other forks of GNOME 2 being produced by people who miss it,
and recently GNOME developers have become more open to the idea.

Steven Chamberlain

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