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Re: debian-installer-7.0-netboot-kfreebsd-amd64: does not boot from pxe - still reproduceable

On 20/02/13 23:09, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> ifconfig eth0 netmask
> apt-get install tftpd


> $ apt-cache show tftpd
> ...
> Tftpd is not suitable for use with the PXE bootloader; for that, use atftpd or tftpd-hpa.

I really think that belongs in a NEWS file and shown during install.
After all, what is *the* most common reason for anyone to install a
tftpd these days...

Did you also try to netboot a GNU/Linux d-i from this tftpd?

> | Welcome to GRUB!                                                               
> | 
> | error: "prefix" is not set.

That 'error' is annoying, I think it affects Linux too and is harmless
but I'm not sure why it happens.  It would be nice to print "Loading
GRUB graphical menu..." here or similar.

On some hardware (e.g. serial redirection by some BMC/ILO/ILOM) the
graphical console will fail and it things would seem to hang at this
point, so it would be nice to be given some clue...

> | grub> 

So I think it was unable to retrieve the menu.lst;  that fits in with
the above explanation.

Thankyou for detailed feedback, with the crucial info.

Steven Chamberlain

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