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Re: ZFS on Linux and native ZFS on BSD

Hi Aron,

On 16.02.2013 08:20, Aron Xu wrote:
> 1. Naming of the packages
> In kFreeBSD, src:zfsutils produces libnvpair1{,-udeb},
> libumem1{,-udeb}, libuutil1{,-udeb}, libzfs1{,-udeb},
> libzpool1{,-udeb}, and zfsutils{,-udeb}. I'm curious if we can reuse
> the names of these binary packages on linux-any architectures, and
> choose a different source package name (zfs-linux, currently)?

Yes. It's a situation described in §§7.3-7.4 Debian policy (a
"Conflicts" relation). If you set the architecture of your package to
linux-any it might not even de-facto conflict and we may do so likewise
for kfreesbsd-any.

I am not sure if you can use architecture-specific conflicts, but if so,
it's legit to use there as well.

I don't know about your rule with respect to ZFS on Linux, but I
remember some guy (not being you) appeared in #debian-kbsd a while ago
but I mentioned there I could imagine to join our development efforts
and merge into a single source package if eventually possible (I don't
know whether you break APIs, but I guess user space utils should be
vastly the same).

> 2. Partman support
> As far as I know, partman-zfs is GPL licensed, and does not need to
> link against any CDDL stuff, so I think it would be OK to integrate
> ZoL support if there are people do the work?

That's something rmh would need to say because he wrote it. However,
given it's integrated into d-i it needs to be compatible to the GPL
which must not link to CDDL code. It is plain shell code calling out to
zfs user space utils though, which is not linking as defined by the FSF.

> 3. Compatibility (zpool, etc)
> In ZoL RC14, zpool version has been bumped to 5000, following the step
> of OpenIndiana. I'm curious what's the current zpool version in
> kFreeBSD, and what's your plan? It would be great if people can import
> existing ZoL partition to a kFreeBSD installation, or reversely.

We use, whatever FreeBSD upstream declares to be supported. That means,
it lacks versions behind OI which uses the Solaris code base. That's
version 28 since kernel 9.0

# zpool upgrade
This system is currently running ZFS pool version 28.

> There is also a question about /etc/hostid handling, do you know how
> is it handled in kBSD? Existing packaging work of Fedora ZoL makes
> hostid static, but I doubt it's desired.

We do not define any hostid, in fact (and Debian/Linux neither ships
/etc/hostid. In glibc, which kfreebsd uses as well, the hostid is
determined by gethostid(2) which does some magic based on
gethostbyname(2) when that file does not exist).

[root@kfreebsd:/home/arno]# hostid

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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