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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#697015: imagevis3d: FTBFS[kfreebsd]: error: 'POSIX_FADV_WILLNEED' was not declared in this scope

Hi Andreas,

On 17/01/13 15:58, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Is it correct to remove the wheezy tag from the bug
> report because the issue is not relevant for the wheezy release?

I don't think it makes a difference now that I marked magevis3d/2.0.1-5
(version in Wheezy) as not having the bug.  The found/fixed versions
take precedence over the sid, wheezy tags.

The RC bug list correctly shows this as affecting [U]nstable only.  (So
it is not RC for wheezy;  and after release it shouldn't be able to
migrate automatically into jessie, either) :


Steven Chamberlain

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