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Re: Bug#698103: debian-installer-7.0-netboot-kfreebsd-amd64: cannot boot on system with 128MB RAM

user debian-bsd@lists.debian.org
usertags 698103 kfreebsd
reassign 698103 src:debian-installer
tags 698103 = patch pending sid wheezy
severity 696786 important
merge 696786 698103

Hi Michael,

On 14/01/13 04:16, Michael Tsang wrote:
> Package: debian-installer-7.0-netboot-kfreebsd-amd64
> VirtualBox VM with 128 MB RAM and it does not load. When I increased it to 256
> MB, it booted. Debian should not need so much RAM to boot.

Yes;  and I agree with this goal.  I recently did some testing to make
it work with only 128 MiB RAM.  The necessary change (#696786) is
pending in debian-installer Git for now.

Steven Chamberlain

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