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Re: Bug#685625: libgeom: may cause segfault of grub-probe

If it's a question of minimal impact to fix the specific crash that
grub-probe encounters, then there are two more minimal ways to fix this
specific problem that come to mind:

replace reallocf with realloc---but in the unlikely case that realloc
fails, it doesn't deallocate the argument (this is the point of

explicitly declare reallocf instead of using the <bsd/> header:
    void *reallocf(void *, size_t)

however, I don't think either of these is better than the approach I
originally proposed, to add a #include directive that matches the one in
the reallocf manpage that debian ships.

(dropping the -Werror= flag addition would of course make it a bit more
minimal; it might avoid an FTBFS in the future, but if it's an FTBFS
that would point right at another crashing bug, well, it might be a
bonus rather than a detriment to FTBFS)

Being unfamiliar with the culture and practices of Debian, I can't speak
to whether a more invasive ('overlay') approach is appropriate or not in
light of the present freeze, but it seems that Guillem Jover has
concerns about doing that at this moment.

The machine where I originally encountered the trouble isn't yet in
production, so if there's an alternate fix proposed soon I'll be happy
to test it out.  On the other hand, I think the presence or absence of
the implicit declaration warning is enough to indicate whether the bug
is present under any given fix...


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