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Re: GNU Toolchain on the FreeBSD Kernel


On 18/12/12 20:07, Andreas Grapentin wrote:
> I've read a bit about the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD project, and since I am
> trying to do something quite similar, that is, bootstrapping the GNU
> Toolchain on an arbitrary Unix-like Kernel [...]

Are you referring to something like OpenSolaris/illumos I wonder?

> I wanted to ask if there is someone that could give me a
> couple of pointers how to do that.

I wouldn't really know, but there may be some clues here - it's about
porting GNU/kFreeBSD to a new platform (mipsel) so it explains the


There also may be some bits from the abandoned GNU/NetBSD port still
lying around somewhere:  http://www.debian.org/ports/netbsd/

Steven Chamberlain

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