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Re: Bug#653929: Bug #696119 probably has the fix to this bug

severity 696119 important
forcemerge 696119 653929


On 17/12/12 02:00, Jeff Epler wrote:
> Today I filed a bug about this same problem, having found this earlier
> report too late.  I believe the patch on bug #696119 will address this
> problem (which is not seen on freebsd due to libc differences).

I saw this, and thought it sounded familiar.  Good work finding a fix
for this over at zfsonlinux.

Originally in #653929 it was said that this bug breaks GRUB in some way,
and could prevent use of RAID-Z as a root filesystem;  do you know if
that is true?

> As I'm a newbie at the debian bugtracker I'm not sure how to merge the
> two bugs, or even if that's how it's done here.

I've Bcc:'d this mail to control@bugs.debian.org, with commands at the
top to hopefully do this.  If you're interested you can read all about
it at http://www.debian.org/Bugs/server-control

Thanks a lot!

Steven Chamberlain

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