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Re: ruby1.8 build


In (and also in, the 1-hour testsuite timeouts
were removed, after the most problematic DRB tests had been turned off.
 I guess that was too soon;  at least one ruby1.8 test
(test_cd/TestFileUtils) still hangs often on kfreebsd-*:

> E: Caught signal 'Terminated': terminating immediately
> make[1]: *** [test-all] Terminated
> make: *** [common-post-build-arch] Terminated
> semop(1): encountered an error: Invalid argument
> test_cd(TestFileUtils): Build killed with signal TERM after 150 minutes of inactivity

At this stage I would think it is safest to reinstate the timeout on
ruby1.8.  So far ruby1.9.1 doesn't seem to have this issue (perhaps
since its threading code was substantially rewritten).

Steven Chamberlain

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