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RE: iptables for kfree ??

Hi and

much thanks for your reply.
I have'nt known that, but for my knowledge and training level in linux,
I'll stay at linux now. It would me cost some other weeks to learn this
and probably - after weeks of evaluating - will probably miss some
funktionality - like the whole xtables extensions. A firewall is a more
complex think, then 20 lines may directly visually represent ... 
I went to kfree only because of ZFS, which would give me - for that
machine - just compression. Will have a look to ZfsOnLinux project ...

Thanks anyway.

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> Subject: Re: iptables for kfree ??
> Hi!
> <mabra@manfbraun.de> writes:
> > Is it anyhow possible to install some "iptables" package in wheezy ?
> > It is the only, I am currently missing. It is listed at the Debian
> > packages site, but not in the real live package list.
>   iptables is the *linux* firewall system which is not available on
> systems. If you need the functionality of iptables I'd suggest looking at
pf which
> is included in kfreebsd and is a quite powerfull solution that allows you
to do
> everything iptables does (and maybe even a bit more)
> Regards
>     Christoph
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