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Re: Looking for an usb bootable installer and/or iso image

Hi mabra,

On 14:40, mabra@manfbraun.de wrote:
> [...] I just downloaded about a counless number
> of ISO from daily, but none of them was able to find something
> to load [got only a "boot:" prompt].

"boot:" sounds like something else, maybe LILO on a local hard drive is
being booted instead of the USB media.  The kFreeBSD ISO images should
show a graphical GRUB menu.

Firstly, are you sure your BIOS is set up for USB booting at all?

Have you tried booting anything else this way, such as a Debian
GNU/Linux Squeeze install image, or a Debian Live GNU/Linux image?

Also are you writing the ISO images to the USB drive correctly?  It
must be written to the very start of the block device and not to a
partition, e.g. from Linux `dd bs=1M if=foo.iso of=/dev/sdX` (where X is
the USB drive) and especially not to /dev/sdX1 (first partition on the
drive).  Othewise, some pre-existing bootloader on the drive (such as
LILO) might be getting booted instead of the real bootloader from the
installer ISO image.

Steven Chamberlain

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