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Re: Bug#686961: CVE-2012-3549: kfreebsd SCTP DoS


On 30/09/12 19:15, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Thanks for taking care of this. WIll you prepare packages for
> kfreebsd-8 (stable and unstable?) as well? If you need someone to upload
> just tell when you think it's ready.

Yes I plan to prepare those next, I will let you know!

Also if someone could upload a new snapshot (SVN 23904 or later) of
kfreebsd-10 any time, that will fix this issue in experimental.

In the kfreebsd-9 upload we may also want to document CVE-2011-2393
(without really fixing it yet) as per suggestion in:


And also I might amend the changelog to show when kernel ABI bumps
happened, as KiBi pointed out a while ago this isn't mentioned.

Steven Chamberlain

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