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Re: Kernel Panic -- how to continue

On 18/09/12 17:11, Christoph Egger wrote:
>   We're seeing a kernel panic [0] here (triggered be calling `pfctl -f
> somefile`) quite deterministically. This is happeniong on a Debian 9.0-2
> Kernel + if_bce. I'd like to get this fixed so I'm curious on how to
> best continue.

Hi Christoph,

I looked up pfr_update_stats in
http://fxr.watson.org/fxr/ident?v=FREEBSD9 and then had a look at the
upstream SVN log for the source file.

I think I got lucky.  I notice this recent fix to initialise a variable
used in that function, so this is probably it:


This bugfix was accepted in 9.1-RC1 but hopefully we can apply it to 9.0.

If somehow it turns out to be a different problem, it would be worth
recompiling with makeoptions DEBUG="-g" in the kernel config.  That
seems to avoid inlining of functions and results in a fuller backtrace
on panic.  While there, perhaps enable options DDB and GDB, but I don't
really know yet how to find out anything useful with them.

Steven Chamberlain

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