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Bug#686013: freebsd-nfs-server: NFSD does not start

On 16.09.2012 01:44, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> [...] should be created at install time from postinst
> as you have done.

On 16/09/12 01:00, Arno Töll wrote:
> Please forgive my confusion, but that's what I did, didn't I? I create
> the package at installation time in maintainer script if it is missing
> and never again. I don't touch or modify the init script at all.

Yes!  I was agreeing with you.

I only mentioned the initscript as an example of what would be the
/wrong/ way to do this,

> So we may discuss whether we need some contents to initialize it for the
> first time the package is installed. Note, our own man pages previously
> suggested to do this:
> [...]

The upstream nfsv4(4) man page seems to be out-of-date actually:

> "If either file is missing, they will be created by the nfsd(8)."

Of course that's not true any more, and the reason for this bug.

An empty file seems to be correct way to initialise it.  As you have
already done.

Steven Chamberlain

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