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Re: Bug#683562: kfreebsd-image-9.0-1-amd64: Package does not install !

On 30/08/12 22:13, Chlon Michaël wrote:
>> You could manually create a menu entry for it, but all it could do is
>> boot the kernel, and then immediately panic/halt because it needs a
>> fully installed GNU/kFreeBSD root filesystem to go any further.
> Why is there a package, if we can't use it with a debian installation ?

It is a vital part of a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD installation (the
kfreebsd-amd64 / kfreebsd-i386 architectures) but you would normally
install the whole thing, separately.

On a Debian GNU/Linux installation, I'm not really sure of the package's
purpose.  Hopefully someone else could explain?  The only thing I can
think of is that someone might want to use it with Qemu, or a
para-virtualised Xen guest domain perhaps?

Also it is a convenient side-effect that if the GNU/Linux buildds build
the kFreeBSD kernel as well, that might reveal some problem in the code
or toolchain that wasn't noticeable when the kfreebsd-* buildds built it.

Steven Chamberlain

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