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Re: Bug#685625: kfreebsd-image-9.0-2-amd64: segfaults when upgrading

Hello again Stig,

I still can't reproduce this with kfreebsd-amd64 that has root/boot on
ZFS and the same GRUB2 (1.99-22.1).  I even replaced my zpool executable
with something that gives identical output to yours.

I'd be grateful if you could please install the ktrace package and get a
syscall trace with:

# ktrace -di -- grub-probe --device /dev/ada1s1 --target=fs_uuid
# kdump -f ktrace.out | gzip > kdump.txt.gz

Or a GDB backtrace of course:

# gdb $(which grub-probe)
run --device /dev/ada1s1 --target=fs_uuid
bt full

Steven Chamberlain

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