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Re: Upstream kernel support

The 9.0 kernel was meant to receive upstream security support only until
the end of January 2013.  It seems likely we would want to release 9.1
through t-p-u, for the first point release after wheezy.  9.1 could then
be expected to get extended security support of two years from its
release, which is plenty.

I do not believe the release team will allow upload of
such big step (9.0 -> 9.1) during point release.

They might allow migration of 9.1 from sid into wheezy yet before release based on joint request of -bsd and -security,
but I really doubt they will, as even #683739 is waiting.

On the other hand, the 9.1 kernel (and libs and utils)
could be uploaded into backports.


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