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Re: kfreebsd testing не устанавливает загрузчик


On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 06:05:54PM +0400, ОХОТНИК wrote:
> Debian kfreebsd testing не устанавливает загрузчик.

"fails to install bootloader"

Known issue (http://bugs.debian.org/613430).  Fixed in
grub-installer/1.77 in sid (not yet in wheezy builds / beta1)

Latest sid_d-i daily build should be OK:


> И когда будет Русская локализация?

"when/where is the Russian localisation?"

Only in 'graphical mode' installer.  But that is broken on the FreeBSD 9
kernel at the moment.

The sid_d-i daily build will work if you choose the "Default install
(graphical mode)" option.  That uses the FreeBSD 8 kernel for install;
it installs the FreeBSD 9 kernel later.

Steven Chamberlain

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