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Re: Bug#613430: debian-installer will not install grub bootloader on kfreebsd-amd64 system w/ a ZFS partition

severity 613430 serious
found 613430 grub-installer/1.75
tags 613430 + wheezy sid pending

On 01/08/12 16:42, Joey Hess wrote:
> Steven Chamberlain wrote:
>> It could be that grub-installer tries to mount with '-t proc' instead of
>> '-t linprocfs' on GNU/kFreeBSD. 
> It did. Fixed in git.

That simple, huh.  Thanks for that!

I'm bumping the severity of this if that's okay;  otherwise, I guess
nobody can install GNU/kFreeBSD Wheezy/Sid without poking around in the

Steven Chamberlain

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